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Rising from the Primordial Soup that was Trenton's City Gardens in the 80's and 90's, Dinosaur Stampede features an all-star lineup that channels the Indie/Punk spirit of Central Jersey Rock. With original music, rhythm guitar and lead vocals by Packy Pterodactyl (Black Vomit, ...but ugly), the band is anchored by legendary drummer Sim Cain (Rollins Band, Regressive Aid, Gone, Dean Ween Group, Billy Hector) and bass guitarist Keith Hartel (Adrenaline OD, Pleased Youth, Motel Shootout, Tammy Faye Starlite, Richard Lloyd).  They are joined by Asbury Park’s one-man-band-phenom Keith Kenny, who plays lead guitar and harmonica on the album, which he engineered and co-produced at his Studio 303 in Monroe Township, NJ. The album is Produced by Sim Cain and Keith Hartel.

That studio in Monroe is a stone's throw from where Packy grew up, spending his youth attending shows and playing gigs in Trenton, New Brunswick and Asbury Park. Currently, he lives on the Delaware River near Lambertville, and works out of an office in Trenton's Island neighborhood.

"There's a part of me that feels like I just lucked into this by getting Keith and Sim to come practice these songs with me and trick them into thinking they were having a good time. But the truth is that once we dove in and started to collaborate, it became a project that everyone became invested in and their skills brought it to a level that I could not have imagined. Getting to work with such incredibly talented professional musicians, I had the time of my life," Packy says. "From practicing in a big, cold rehearsal space in Trenton to polishing and refining the songs at Keith's intimate studio in Monroe, it was an incredibly satisfying experience that was rooted in a lot of history and homeground. In the end, it has exceeded my expectations and we are all extremely proud of the final product."

And keeping up with the Capital City's current wave of creative energy, Dinosaur Stampede commissioned Trenton artist Leon Rainbow to do the cover art for the album and engaged Trenton's Exit 7A Studios for their logo design and rehearsal space.